Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Self Portrait

An all expenses excluded, all inclusive trip to a world of stolen moments and borrowed time. With time purchased on credit, I'm unraveling the everlasting tessellation that tangles in our loom. This blog holds the moments to be molding the fringe on a hinge, crush the seconds down for the communion of dudes and steeds.

Life, Reflection, Death

Iron Lakes is the sort of place where you can see to the bottom in the lakes and admire every bit. The kind of place where you can't drive there unless you have a heinous truck.


A couple strobes cross-lit this scene at a nearby school.


Multiple exposure.

Staying Dry

I created this exposure on a timer and a shaky tripod in probably the most amazing place I have ever been. This trail led to a freshwater inlet. Staying dry with my wife in Kauai.


Downtown Fresno

King Kong

While I was out shooting with my buddy John O'Connor, we were introduced to a man who claimed his name was King Kong. It was ended shortly after the aggravated and clearly massive man came out of the door. It was fun though.


A strobe was placed on top of the fan blade, bounced off the ceiling. My mom, wife, cousins aunts, and uncle were placed in a room and they played a game called hear me out, while I heard them loud.


This was my cat Floyd he was a good subject and a good man.

Sky Reflection

This image was made at the corner of a glass building.


Orange Cove, skateboarding and photography.

Carnegie Mall

At the Fulton Mall there is quite the gamut of interesting folk, and Eva Scow rises above this statement indeed.

Afternoon Tea

When sun starts going down it will sometimes cast this golden light on the top of these trees. This right outside my door on the balcony.

Pipe Dreams and Wallflowers

How do you decorate a broken wall in downtown Fresno, you put a couple flowers in an obscure pipe sticking out of it.

Island Breath

This was taken on the island of Kauai in Hawaii with my beautiful wife right after our wedding. The weather can change in seconds, it's awesome.

Reflection of a Thought

This was a snapshot made at Teazer where they sell wonderful teas and provide interesting light.


Medium format is out Dusty format is in.

A Soulfull Man

The Waitress

This photo was made while I was working on the short film "The Waitress" with John Kelly.
Set photography: it's whats for dinner.

Laudry Yawn

This nice gentleman here had been at it for hours. The same went for me but I wasn't about to get my yawn on. So I took out the camera and gave it a little snap.