Thursday, May 27, 2010


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Emerging Dogwood

Emerging Dogwood ll

These are images from last week along the Lewis Creek trail and I was hearing a lot of talk about how Yosemite's dogwoods have started to bloom and are a t peak for photographing them. I thought since Lewis creek would be a lot further along than Yosemite I gave it a try. To my surprise there wasn't hardly a bloom in sight. I did see a couple trees toward the end of my day that were blooming but the flowers were still green. I would think this week and next week would be pretty promising for photographing these guys. Hope the update helps, now get out there and start making some images!

Peacock Pattern Trap

Peacock Mono

What an amazing and elaborate creature. My wife and I had stopped at Casa De Fruta and we caught these fellows hangin around right in the middle of mating season. They will vibrate their feathers in an attempt to lure in a mate as the patterns flurry it creates such a cacophonous sound along with the various howls, it's quite mix of audio and not to mention visual.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cloud Triptych

Cloud Triptych

Awarness in stealth mode...

Rocks on White

...Ode to a missionary mother ascending signals of her love for me. A great light being, protruding into issues I'm seeing, leaning toward a photographic embrace. Satori moment so suitable to escape a state that was supposed to be so beautiful.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Storm's Vehement

Storm's Vehement

What an excellent light show this was, constantly changing. I intended to remake the photograph below with the same composition at sunset, but to my dismay the water level had descended a few feet and the compositon was no longer. I guess I was lucky to be there both days and would'nt of had it any other way. This angry storm grew and morphed like it had something to say. My wife Sara and I watched it and took it all in. Made handheld from 4 exposures.