Thursday, April 23, 2009

Drive by Exposure I

There can be some very interesting subjects around my neck of the woods, just lurking about. So this week I have decided to post a series of drive by exposures. Although I wouldn't recommend photographing while driving, but right before you take off at a stop light might prove to hold a curious and unexpected scene. Since these sorts of images are so spontaneous I think it's a very nice exercise to practice for reaction speed.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sentinell Dome Overlook

This is the view from the top of Sentinell Dome. This image shows the back of Yosemite Valley. It was the first time I observed the valley from above. This still and silent environment gives off an energy so inviting and pleasant you can sense the peace flowing through your body. A short hike to the top and you feel pretty small among these immense formations. The colors bled more vibrant as the last minutes of the sun's light crept behind the horizon. It was definitely worth it, although I had forgotten a flashlight. The mile and a half back gave my eyes a nice test.
It made me realize that we take for granted the convenience we are so heavily associated with. Weather it's a flashlight, GPS, a lighter or whatever. It seems most commonly looked past and not even important enough to wonder how these tools even work. I watched the attentive hikers gingerly saunter their way back with the guide of glowing gadgets, I thought to myself: that strolling through in the darkness was a nice experience. I don't think I would have had it any other way.

Bandon Sunset

The was an image made in Bandon, Oregon. My Dad and I went on a trip completely unaware of our exact destination, traveling up the coast of California and Oregon. There were many nights camping but this happened to be the view from a small room we got together probably for the sake of hygiene. One of my favorite trips, especially because of the fact we didn't know where we were going, we just knew we were going. Humbolt, Medocino, Crater Lake and the Lost Coast Brewery where some of the spots we ended up at. It was originally shot on the discontinued Fujichrome Velvia 50, at least I think it's discontinued, if anyone knows of a return I would love to know. When I used to shoot a lot of film, this my friend, was the primo of primos. It didn't get any better than a cold roll of 50!. One of my favorite shots, quite a bit old, but here it makes it's comeback in the ol' 2009.


Satori is a brief step toward enlightenment. A zen phrase used to express the amazing potential that exists in any given moment . That instant when we are fully present, we're capable of creating an inner space separate from the cluttered and incessant flow of thoughts . The mere act of observing something so natural can bring about the ease of connection with ourselves and nature.


Red Moss

Found this red moss on a fairly level surfaced granite rock one day while strolling along. Can anyone tell me what plant this is?


Broadway Blues Man