Tuesday, May 26, 2009


My wife and I took a nice little stroll up toward Nelder Grove and this was taken on the shadow of the giants trail. Beautiful Dogwoods and giant grandfathers everywhere!. The colors and foliage we saw walking the trail were definitely worth going back soon. Happy A-day Sara!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lewis Creek Rock Formations

This shot and the next, were taken off the trial at lewis creek. The trial had cut one way and I decided to go the other. Glad I did though, cause it was a nice spot away from the usual hikers. I waited here for a couple hours just enjoying the atmosphere until the sun crept it's way below the trees. The one small spot of sunlight mashing through, provided an interesting golden glow.

Lewis Creek Rock Formations II

Plant Detail

I was glad to capture this light while I could because it only lasted a few minutes. It's interesting to me to study how volatile the light can be at a place like this. It's easy when you just have a horizon, but when you throw trees, bushes and rock formations into the mix, you are left with some exciting changes. Although I had shot the light a few different ways, this happened to be my favorite. This plant also had pink, bell shaped flowers that looked to be near their end. I decided it's leaves were just as nice if not better than the actual flowers. If any one knows what this is I would love to hear.


What can I tell you about spiders, well first of all I was covered in them creating this image. It seemed everywhere I looked there would be a nice one looking right at me. So I had to just run through the crowd as quick as I could. If there were anyone witnessing this, It would have been a spectacle indeed. Besides the presence of the eight legged buddies, this shot has a interesting tale behind it. It was almost the end of my stay at Lewis Creek, so I was loosing light fast. I had spotted about four huge trees with blooms all over them, and it kind of was my mission to shoot some dogwood during this trip. So when I spotted them I had to be quick. It did seem almost impossible to get above the blooms. I probably should have just walked across the river but I decided to cross over a thin fallen tree which almost sent my gear down stream, luckily it did not. The only way to shoot from this angle, would be to get above, but there were no higher options with the lens I had. Long story short: I climbed up the tree and was still able to render the stream cloudy with a branch mounted 5 sec f22 exposure at iso 100. Thanks tree! Some of my favorite shots have been nature mounted. Rocks, trees, dirt, it all works. This was last Saturday and blooming was still happening so if you would like to shoot some dogwood: get up there!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


A nice couple gave us this squash, started from seeds all the way from Argentina. Organic!

Blue Spruce

Just experimenting with a little black and white.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Drive by Exposure III

I know what you are thinking: choose another focal point location already. Well, it's not happening.

Drive by Exposure II

Exit stage left?