Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just in Time

big sur

A while back I took a nice nice photo trip down to Big Sur with a good friend. We were pretty overwhelmed as to where we should be for the magic hour since we only had one day. Upon driving around frantically, chasing the sun and almost crashing the car, we had to stop and clamber down to the beach to at least get something. To our surprise we ended up at this place, which I have seen in other photographs before and I would like to say it's Garrapata beach but I'm not sure. Just as luck would have it I was able to set up just before the sun went down to catch a nice highlight on the edge of these rocks. This image was made with Fuji Velvia 50 and could not have asked to be in a better location especially since we did'nt know where we were going in the first place. I have always enjoyed this photograph but never really considered the luck of it and indeed it was luck. Sometimes your planning just has to give way to adaptability and flexibility but if you can think quick enough, then you're in. So I took the luck when it offered itself. Probably not exactly what I would have wanted to get but enjoyed making the most of the situation in an amazing spot.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

South Tufa at Mono Lake II

south tufa pano adjustments2

My first time going over Tioga Pass. The landscapes on the way up are enough to render a fellow like myself speechless. The massive granite beasts of mountains all around, left me overwhelmed as I tried to take it all in. I went on this nice day trip with my wife and mother in law and I will tell you everything about what we just did was awesome. Mono lake is a very terrestrial place indeed. Although I have never been to another planet, at least I don't think so, this is about the closest one might come to that without leaving Earth. Another thing I enjoyed about this trip was the small town of Lee Vinning. The vibes were right as well as the people. The little town seemed to be happening and humble high above the smog. One of the employees at the famous burger spot was even kind enough to give me a free drink (thanks). This panoramic was shot right before I would of had to use a bulb setting, needless to say the light was fading fast.What a challenge trying to time my exposures with the descending sun. I was in the right spot the only thing left to do was to wait for the desired light & I like that wait.

South Tufa at Mono Lake

This image was made about 20 minutes before the last.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Darkness Through Barkness

Decayed, withered & swayed . Played, watched then fade. A breath ceased but the beast will still preach to me & reach to me. I promenade in the shade as I address the crest: your a perch, an art piece, a home, a fuel, a silhouette inspecting crimson upon horizons. You reincarnate your energy through my lens to make a mends. So thanks bro!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Somber Symphony

I know it has been a long time since a new post, so here it is! Went on a camping trip with some friends to Iron Lakes had an excellent time. Thought a lot about how a place like this is very hard to capture, especially through a photograph. I have been there once a year for the last 7, but this time figured it would be nice to show at least a big chunk. There are so many words to describe this area: diverse, serene, strange, beautiful and vast. One of my favorite places on the list for sure. The view from the top of the trail at Iron Lakes put together with a series of 8 exposures.